I am sure some might think what we can not do as tourists or even locals in Socotra are. I have made this list containing the main things you should be aware of before coming to Socotra. However, most importantly is do not forget to have fun while in Socotra.

Don’t do it

  • Don’t import or export any biological material or alien species from or to the Island
  • Don’t collect “souvenirs” from historical and archaeological sites.
  • Don’t collect and export shells from the island
  • Don’t collect flora and fauna samples
  • Don’t touch or damage corals
  • Don’t swim in the sea or rivers unless your guide recommends it
  • Don’t feed fish or dolphins
  • Don’t disturb wild animals
  • Don’t approach birds and turtles breeding grounds
  • Don’t spoil the natural habitat for plants
  • Don’t fire hew trees (use only brushwood as fuel for the fire).
  • Don’t leave or discard any litter
  • Don’t drop your cigarette butts anywhere (dispose of them properly)
  • Don’t enter people’s residential spaces without invitation
  • Don’t take photos of people and private territories without permission
  • Don’t drink alcoholic beverages in public places
  • Don’t raise your voice or speak loudly inside caves

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