Socotra has breathtaking beaches and I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say the beaches in Socotra are one of the best in the world, how I know? our visitors confirmed that especially those who visited Socotra from down-under Australia!

#5 Aomak Beach

Aomak beach is on the Indian ocean located in the south of Socotra island, it’s the longest beach on the island, here is the best spot for surfing or kitesurfing as it gets very windy but not all the time.

#4 Arher Beach

Arher beach (not Archer beach, Australia) is located in the far east of Socotra Island, it has a magical white sand beach, it looks like a white piece of land from satellite images, it is also the home of the biggest sand dunes in the island if you’re into sandboarding, you going to love it.

#3 Delisha Beach

Delisha beach is not far from the capital Hadiboh is about 30 mins drive, is considered to be the favorite beach to those who live in the capital, it’s perfectly deep to enjoy a nice day swim or you can just go there to enjoy reading few chapters of your favorite book in a quiet place.

#2 Shoab Beach

Shoab Beach is located on the western top end of Socotra, this beach is extremely unique why? to get there you need a boat ride, it takes about 20 mins, however, along the way, you will enjoy the company of a carious group of dolphins who wanted to say hello, along the way you will be able to see some scenic cliffs and underwater caves, I personally jumped off the boat to explore one of those caves equipped with my snorkeler, the water is see-through, once you get to Shoab, it will blow your mind by the color of the water. On the side of the beach it’s a home of massive purple-colored crabs, the beach is so romantic, make sure you don’t go there alone lol.

#1 Qalansiyah Beach

I’m dead serious when I say this is one of the best beaches in the world, Qalansiyah beach is located northwest of Socotra, this beach has an unlimited amount of white sand, it’s perfect for hiking, swimming and repeat, no words can describe the beauty of this beach, if you plan to propose, trust me do it on this beach, she’ll definitely say YES.

Qalansiyah beach