Socotra has a lot to offer despite its limited resources which makes it untouched heaven for those who seek a world-class adventure.


Socotra is a great place for hiking. You can set out on a more demanding hike or opt for easier trips around the island. You can explore the natural beauties, which are bountiful on the island and there are many options for the trips. Read more

Fishing & Diving

Socotra has unique diving spots and calm waters make it an ideal scuba diving location. From coral reefs rich with marine life to old wrecks perfect for exploring, Socotra has it all. The island and its surroundings are excellent for a serene getaway, as the climate is warm and soothing. Read more


Socotra is home to 192 bird species, 253 species of coral, 730 species of coastal fish, and 300 species of crab and lobster, Socotra’s unique ecosystems are one of the jewels in the crown of Arabia’s biodiversity. Read more