Scuba-diving & snorkeling

Socotra has unique diving spots and calm waters make it an ideal scuba diving location. From coral reefs rich with marine life to old wrecks perfect for exploring, Socotra has it all. The island and its surroundings are excellent for a serene getaway, as the climate is warm and soothing, and the virgin landscape is breathtaking. Diving in Socotra can take place any time of the year, but it’s best from September to October, and from March to May, because of the monsoon season. During that period, the visibility is the highest, even though it generally ranges from 10 to 40 meters, making visiting the sites all the more enjoyable.

Socotra has plenty of interesting diving spots, such as the Sunrise Wreck, a sunken vessel that has created an artificial reef in the very center of the bay at a depth of 25-27 meters. A thrilling dive, because it can often have currents, and old fishing nets entangled in the ship’s gear that can offer a danger to the diver, the Sunrise Wreck is a beautiful place. Around February-March, the waters are very calm and it’s possible to see tens of species of fish schooling around the wreck.

Best locations

1- Dihamri marine protected area: is one of the best diving and snorkeling sites, It is home to one of the richest coral reefs of the Socotra archipelago, 2- Rosh marine protected area: located in the Nothern east of Socotra famous for its coral reef it is one of the diving and snorkeling sites in Socotra island, 3-Shoub: located in the West of Socotra island great site for snorkeling and diving especially next to the wrecked ship.