The place

Socotra Island is located 12 degrees north of the Equator and has an average yearly temperature of 27 degrees Celsius with a variation of about 6 degrees through the year. It receives most of its precipitation in November and December, with a smaller amount in late May and June, receiving a total of about 19.5 cm each year. For the most experienced hikers, there is the possibility of a 5-day North to South or South to North trip around the whole island.


It is a great opportunity to discover the various landscapes of Socotra. Inland Socotra is the most interesting hiking place for long walks. For example, on the way to the Dixam plateau or between the canyons, you can observe whole forests composed of the endemic dragon’s blood trees (Dracaena Cinnabar). The trees create fascinating groves that will fill you with nostalgia and calm your nerves. On the horizon, you will see the mountains, which could remind you of prehistoric times.

Lost in nature

The sunsets will then create amazing and even bizarre images of shadows and light. During the day, you can refresh yourself in many small lakes on the rocks, formed from the brooks flowing in the valleys of Socotra. One of these lakes, situated in Wadi Dirhur Canyon, is a refreshment point on the stony route through the spectacular landscape. The highest mountain, Skant (the Haghier Mountains), is a great challenge for all skilled hikers. Especially the descend through Wadi Ayhaft into the coastal area is one of the most remarkable experiences Socotra offers.