Getting to Socotra?

There are few weekly flights coming from Yemen mainland, that’s mostly for locals or those living in Yemen traveling to and from the island, however, the most reliable comfortable way to get to Socotra for tourists is via Abu Dhabi, UAE, Air Arabia operating a once week flight (every Monday), please note this is a charter flight, it won’t be available for booking on their website, you must use hellosocotra to organise that for you, or use your own local travel agent or by visiting the airline nearest office.

How to get a tourist visa?

It’s very a simple process that we got you covered, once your booking is confirmed, we will issue you a copy of your visa (we will need a copy of your passport), it usually take 3 business days, however, there are few things you need to keep in mind as visa conditions and restrictions, you can’t get a visa without purchasing a tour package, this visa does not grant you a permission to do any kind of paid or unpaid work in the island, you can’t travel to Yemen mainland using Socotra as an entry point.

Covid-19 & vaccination

The government of the UAE is doing the hard job for us, you won’t be able to entre the UAE if you were covid-19 positive, the UAE government conducting PCR testing upon arrivals, those who will be coming to Socotra are going to be tested and cleared already before departing to the island, returning to the UAE from Socotra it won’t be an issue at all.

What if I can’t make it due to a lockdown or flights been cancelled?

We understand the world is changing right now, this is why we are committed to support you if any uncertainty, however, if your booking is confirmed and it happened that you can’t make it due to a lockdown, flights been cancelled or you were tested positive of covid-19, we will be happy to offer you a refund (up to 100% there might be transaction fees by the bank or the non-refundable visa fees) or rescheduling, however, please note that we can offer you the above options only for our tour packages bookings please refer to our terms of use, for the fights, this will going to be entirely up to the airline company and their policies.

Travel insurance

We do not offer travel insurance in any mean, this should be organised from your end, your safety is our top priority and we will do whatever it takes to be there for you incase of an emergency, please ensure your policy include emergency evacuation, hellosocotra team will escort you if you needed to go to a local hospital, airport transfer to catch your evacuation flight, communicate with your family members or any other party about your safety and wellbeing.

When is the best time to Visit Socotra?

June to September is the windy summer monsoon, the strong winds create dust and sand storms, as well as large ocean swells, however, October to May is the recommended time to visit Socotra.

Got a question?

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