This morning the Sultan Abdullah Bin Eissa Al Afrar announced the arrival of the Socotra Dream cruise ship to Al Mukalla port in Yemen coming all the way from Greece, the primary location and the head office of the Socotra Dream cruise ship is going to be in Al Mahra seaport, the Socotra dream can carry up to 150 passengers and a lot of cargo, the Socotra Dream cruise ship is the first passenger cruise ship in Yemen.

This is exciting news to the people of Socotra, it will make coming to and from Socotra Island is more affordable, and for businesses, a more reliable and convenient way to ship goods and products across Socotra. The flight prices have increased dramatically in the past three years making it nearly impossible for many Socotri people to depart the island by air.

Yahya Al Afrar the Socotra dream cruise manager told us that their top priority is to make the cruise ship is safe according to the international cruise safety standards, the next step is going to be recruiting and training the crew staff, launching the cruise timetables, and schedules in addition to that, hellosocotra is going to work closely with Socotra Dream cruise to establish the tourist division in order to welcome overseas visitors to Socotra by sea, more details to be announced soon.