Adeeb’s family nursery was established in 1996 by Adeeb Abdullah, the nursery contains all of the different plants of Socotra, it aims to protect Socotra native plants such as the bottle tree, the legendary tree of the dragon’s blood, and the highly locally used for medical propose tree Rehena.

Socotra nursery

Adeeb dedicated his effort to protect those plants despite the lack of government support, the nursery has all the seeds of every kind of plant available on the island, some of them don’t exist anywhere else on the island due to the danger of extinction, Adeeb mission is to recultivate some of the plants at its original location ones they are strong enough.

We at hellosocotra are supporting his great effort, that’s why Adeeb’s family nursery is one of the main things to do and see in all of our tours itineraries, our visitors will get to see all of the plants of Socotra in one place including the chance to see the baby tree of the dragon’s blood tree, check out our Socotra Tours to learn more about our tour packages and things to see and do in Socotra.