Ladies if you ever wondered what female travelers can do in Socotra that men can’t, well you are in the right place, women of Socotra plays a massive role in our community, they are hard-working, very motivated, and thirst for education, but what can a foreign female do in Socotra? find the top 5 things to do for female travelers in Socotra.


Want to learn how to make a hand-made bowl? basket or a hat? well, you should definitely visit the coastal women’s handicraft foundation, it is located in Hadibo and run by Socotri women, you will gain new skills also you will get to spend some time with very talented Socotri women. This place is one of the many places you will get to see in our Socotra tours.

Socotra handicraft

Mona’s Farm

Meet Haja Mona Abubaker the owner of her own farm, she cultivates fruits and vegetables for more than 30 years, her story is very inspiring how she started the farm all alone with little help and limited supplies, now she exports her products into the market, if you got spare time, want to give her a hand or learn how to make your own farm, Haja Mona always happy to welcome you.

Mona farm


Dancing is part of our culture for men and women, however, Socotri women have their own way of dancing, it’s different from the way men dance, and believe it or not, Socotri women have their own music, they love to sing while playing with drums. So how to get involved, attend a wedding party, wedding parties are a whole different experience, in the party, you will be able to practice the dance moves (our women will show you how or just watch and learn), you will also get the chance to see how Socotri women dress in their absolute best styles and remember, you are not allowed to take pictures or videos for culturally and privacy reasons.

socotra dance


The Socotri Henna tattoo style is very unique and different from those in Yemen it’s very durable also it can last for more than 20 days unlike other known kinds of Henna in some Arab countries, our women do Henna mainly to celebrate someone’s wedding, or getting married or if there is a special social occasion. Want to add a cool temporary tattoo to your arms or legs on top of the tan? then you definitely should try it.

socotra henna


Now, if you are curious about what our women do to keep their face skin fresh and smooth, well, many of them used is a homemade skin and face mixed herbs lotion called “Zabed” you scrub it on the face and leave it for several hours before washing it (we don’t recommend it if you have sensitive skin) it looks greenish, your face will turn into light-green but trust me you won’t turn into Grinch LOL, try it and let us know how it went.

socotra makeup