The Hoq cave is Socotra’s biggest cave and also one of the biggest in the middle east, Hoq cave is located in the Halah area east of Socotra, about 50km from the capital Hadibo, the cave is about 3km long and 8m high, after walking for hundreds of meters the caves turn into total darkness.

The cave holds a wealth of Socotri history and hides archeological findings such as pieces of pottery, paintings, and wooden tables with inscriptions in Aramaic language dating back to 258 AD. One of the paintings they found in the cave was actually a message saying “I am a Sumerian Abkar please keep this message in the cave if found” researchers believe that this painting goes back for more than 500 years AD.  The cave offers an overwhelming beauty and variety of crystal decorations, like stalagmites, stalactites, and calcite floors.