We’re launching two very special group trip called Socotra Dream Trip this coming November, the aim is to make it possible and affordable for those who always wanted to come to Socotra, the itinerary is about 8 days long, starting on November 1st, and the second on 8th, flying from Abu Dhabi international airport to Socotra, on this trip you will be able to see best attractions of Socotra.

  • Who’s going?

We currently have visitors coming from Poland, Germany, Italy, USA, and Australia, the group size is between 20 to 30 people.

  • How to join the trip?

Feel welcome to book using the booking page also you can join the discussion on our page Facebook event page, once the booking is confirmed, we will provide you with the flight booking, visas, etc, all you have to do is to arrange your travel insurance.

  • What about Covid?

The good news is, if you managed to get to Abu Dhabi then you basically covid-free, the UAE government has measurements to protect people from covid, we highly recommend checking their entry requirements before booking,¬†they also have testing and quarantine facilities in place, however, if you got vaccinated that’s even better.

  • Can I cancel after booking?

Yes, you can, we will be happy to fully refund you, however, a small transaction fee might apply depends on the airline policy and the bank, also note that visa fees are non-refundable, please refer to our terms and conditions for more information.

We look forward to welcoming you soon and feel free to let us know if you got any questions.

  • Main office; Hareth +61 416 982 207
  • Oman office; Yahya +968 942 001 59
  • Poland Office; Jarek +48 882 918 191