Let me explain, I know that many places are so safe such as, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Portugal and many more, I have personally been to all of those countries and I can tell you they are definitely safe but, what makes Socotra on the top of the list?

No Alcohol, No Drugs

Socotra is a majority conservative Muslim and according to our religion, consuming alcohol or taking drugs is prohibited for the locals, while in the safest countries like Japan, for example, you may hear alcohol and other drugs abuse causing a high-risk individual to engage in aggressive and violent behavior, meanwhile, in Socotra, there is no such an issue.

No Crime

Socotra hasn’t recorded any type of crime for more than 60 years, includes sexual harassment, theft, and kidnapping or homicide, kids wandering around freely, go to school alone without parent’s supervision, women can go out anytime without restrictions or fear anywhere in the island.

What about foreigners

Tourists and foreigners are considered to be guests, and in our culture, guests must be welcomed and treated extra special regardless the gender and where they are from, the people of Socotra are extremely friendly and hospitable, you can walk freely around the local markets, you will find people smiling at you, some might be curious especially if you are white or blonde.

Engaging with locals

We believe at hellosocotra that a great holiday is by going local, engaging with the locals will guarantee you a unique experience, you will be able to learn some of the basic phrases and we will let you practice with the locals at the market, you will be amused by the friendless of the people of Socotra, check out our Socotra tours if you’re interested in visit soon.